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Welcome to the Optimal BPM wiki!


Here you can find information and tutorials about anything concerning the open source Optimal Business Process Management System and platform Optimal BPM.

Also articles about thing that has come about during the development, such as articles about WiX and similar subjects.

Even though Business Process Management is a wide field, it can be a difficult one to penetrate. There are is that it is surrounded by almost impenetrable forests of buzzwords and graphs involving a cloud and "the enterprise".

So the goal of Optimal BPM is to, while maintaining a strong focus on simplicity, be a resource for the entire range of usage degrees. This means that the libraries in Optimal BPM may be used by themselves, without the system.

Use cases includes, ranging from each day updating the CRM-system with the new contacts from the sales teams excel sheet, acting as a python development library for that new project that would really benefit from the auditing functionality and the useful decorators, to being a fully fledged BPM system.

BTW, the wiki is not an open-for-all-to-spam-a-lot-wiki, please contact admin if you want to contribute.

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